The Water and Carbon Group approach remediation projects with a focus on sustainability, reducing risk and achieving positive financial, environmental, and social outcomes for the site and its surrounds.

We leverage our experience within the wastewater and ecological fields, providing an array of expertise and treatment technologies to deliver, low-cost remediation with the goal of reversing negative impacts.

Our proprietary PFAS extraction system, the LEEF System ® offers significant economic and sustainability advantages in comparison to other treatment methodologies currently deployed in the market.
Clifford Duckworth
Manager of Remediation (PFAS)

What we do

At WCG, our remediation capabilities span across contaminated solids, soil, water, and wastewater. We have the expertise to design, build and operate (DBO) bespoke remediation solutions, with the unique ability of coupling traditional wastewater and water treatment technologies with ecological solutions.

Our solutions help to reduce long-term operating costs and provide disposal solutions that benefit the site and the surrounding environment. WCG can provide full-service financing model solutions based on treatable volume and short or long-term contracts.

  • Analytical testing, PFAS analysis, data review
  • Treatment Modelling & Costing
  • Performance Assessment & Design Review
  • Early Engagement and Project development roles defining key treatment requirements, technologies, and SWOT analysis

  • Services /kL treated
  • Design & Construct
  • Design Build Operate
  • Package Plant leasing
  • Licencing of patented technology

  • Operation and maintenance of treatment plants
  • Review operation of existing plants for continual improvement opportunity
  • Compliance Monitoring

  • Pilot plant and treatability testing
  • Bench-scale treatment demonstration
  • Solutions & product development
Each situation is unique when it comes to contamination. We always begin with properly assessing treatability before proposing full-scale solutions.

We recommended a four-stage process to address contamination at your site.
Assists in determining the likely treatment solution configuration, via the contaminants found in the sample and historical data. WCG can optimise treatment requirements based on the most suitable discharge and reuse location, in many cases reducing the need for complex energy intensive treatment systems. Successful re-use of water on site during construction or remediation activities can provide significant benefits when compared to direct off-site discharge to the environment.
Provide proof of treatment, sizing verification and expected efficiency rates to accurately calculate the cost and performance of a full-scale system. Providing proof of performance based on site specific parameters.
Provide a robust costing estimate and delivery model and a deployment program, with the ability to tailor financial solutions to suit the client’s needs.
Our experienced engineering and project management team will design, construct, and operate a full-scale solution. Our combined experience enables us to design to the project life you need whether it be short-term construction project or long-term remediation solution.

Where we work

For many customers, PFAS is the main focus of recent remediation efforts. Generally, PFAS contamination occurs in three main areas:

  1. Contaminated/Industrial Sites – an entity that is currently using or operating on a site that has historically or is currently being exposed to contaminants (manufacturing, major hazard facilities, Defence Sites etc); and

  2. Diffuse sources/off-site receptors – receptors of PFAS impacted materials from migration of impacted material (such as solids, water, air) from other sites;

  3. Waste receivers – entities that receive contaminants from an external source such as landfills and water utilities.

    Remediation activities are widespread and include:

Defence Sites
Brownfield Construction
Source: EPA VIC, 2019
Our team is fully equipped to work throughout all domestic and international industries experiencing contamination including PFAS contamination challenges as highlighted in the PFAS environmental cycle above and can assist in the treatment, destruction, and disposal of:

  • Concentrates
  • Stormwater
  • Groundwater (long-term remediation and construction sites)
  • Wastewater
  • Landfill Leachate
  • Impacted Solids (treatment media, sludges, bio-solids, soils)
  • Fire Fighting System Testing Solutions.

PFAS Treatment Solution - the LEEF System®

The LEEF System® (Low Energy Evaporative Fractionation System) is a patent pending, multi-staged treatment system centred around harnessing air, gravity, and solar inputs to deliver a unique and proven PFAS extraction outcome.

The system has been engineered to efficiently and cost effectively extract regulated PFAS contaminants from wastewater & leachate without high energy consumption, chemical/consumable additives, or excessive waste transport costs. This method of PFAS extraction delivers strong cost savings by producing a waste stream of <%1% of the original volume.

Using a modular design, the system can be easily scaled to meet any volume requirements.

Proprietary Technology Development

The LEEF System® was initially developed to address PFAS contamination in landfill leachate which exhibited high concentrations of a range of contaminants that rendered conventional methods, such as GAC, resins, RO, EC ineffective or cost inhibitive.

Our proprietary technology was developed with WCGs ethos at heart, to enable a cost-effective treatment method that would reduce the production of waste at a lower energy consumption rate then other methods.

The LEEF System® enables:
  • Removal to Limit of Detection
  • Below 1% Waste Stream
  • Treat small -to large flows.
  • Low Energy Usage
  • Zero Consumables

Treatment Performance and Applications

The LEEF System® has undergone a significant amount of testing on a wide range of PFAS waste streams and is ideal for targeting PFAS impacted materials with high levels of co-contamination.

Please contact us to discuss its performance based on your site-specific requirements and waste stream.

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