The Water and Carbon Group is a pioneer in the Australian carbon industry, assisting organisations, government bodies and individuals on their journeys towards reducing their carbon footprint.

Our approach is centred around establishing a strong understanding of our customers’ activities. Utilising our experience in reforestation, carbon modelling and ecological restoration, we assess and identify the most valuable opportunities to reduce emissions and create carbon offsets.
Sarah Costello
Business & Sustainability Manager

What we do

The Water and Carbon Group offer a full range of services tailored to helping organisations, government bodies, small businesses and individuals reduce their carbon footprint.

We have the capabilities to provide advisory and planning services for emission reduction pathways along with the design and delivery of Australian carbon offset projects (both within or outside of the Climate Solutions Fund (CSF)). We can also assist in Australian carbon credit procurement and provision.

  • Carbon footprint abatement
  • Site assessment and feasibility studies.

  • Carbon credit supply
  • Carbon Offset Planting and Ecology

  • Mixed species reforestation carbon modelling
  • Methodology development
Throughout the solutions we deliver, we always aim to utilise our expertise to identify the most effective opportunities to reduce emissions. There are several mechanisms by which individuals and businesses can reduce their carbon footprint. Becoming carbon neutral is most efficiently achieved through a combination of the following actions:

  1. Changing habits - travel, dietary choices, consumption habits
  2. Changing technologies - favour renewable energies, and sustainable technologies
  3. Offsetting remaining emissions - to neutralise the footprint, once the first two steps have been accomplished
WCG can assist in developing the strategy and establishing localised carbon-offset projects.

Carbon Offset Generation

The Water and Carbon Group has a unique set of skills with our combination of ecological restoration practitioners, carbon advisors, environmental managers, and engineers to cover all aspects of your projects, from planning to delivery.

Our experienced team has delivered several high-profile carbon offset projects, including:

  • 2 Million Trees – Brisbane City Council
  • Griffith University Arboretum – Logan City Council & Griffith University
  • Slacks Creek Restoration Project – Logan City Council
We can deliver carbon offset projects in accordance with all Australian Government carbon offset and emissions reduction initiatives.
The Climate Solutions Fund (CSF), formerly known as the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) is an Australian government initiative aiming at funding low-cost carbon abatement projects to boost the supply of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs). ACCUs, are the official carbon abatement (offset) unit of the Australian Government. ACCUs are the only Carbon Offset Unit able to be traded in the compliance market in Australia. All ACCUs are registered and tracked under the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units (ANREU).

The Climate Solutions Fund works as an incentive-based scheme in which the participants can earn ACCUs for a number of eligible activities that store or avoid the release of CO2. The Project proponents are remunerated (in ACCUs) for each tonne of CO2 stored, captured or avoided. Project proponents then have the possibility to sell ACCUs to generate an income, either to the Federal Government through a CSF auction (the primary market for ACCUs), or to a private entity outside of the CSF auction mechanism (the secondary ACCU market).
Commercial and residential expansion that removes native vegetation often requires offsetting by local municipalities. Ensuring vegetation is at least restored to previous concentrations is vital for maintaining biodiversity and creating visual amenity in frequented areas.

Our team undertake comprehensive site evaluations to best optimise available land to deliver vegetation offsets tailored to the surrounding ecosystems. With a focus on quality, our experienced practitioners employ modern planting techniques to ensure the longevity of each site & project.

Creating a lasting positive impact on the environment.

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