LEAP™ System

Low-Energy Aerated PFAS (LEAP) – Treatment System

  • Low Energy

  • Zero Consumables

  • Low Operational Requirements

  • Low Waste Stream

  • High Efficiency

Forward thinking PFAS removal

Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of man-made compounds which have been manufactured for the past 50 years. PFAS are now classified as emerging contaminants of concern and are present in many types of wastewater, such as industrial waste, leachate and sewage. With growing concern amongst communities about the bio-accumulative nature of the chemicals and their persistence in the environment, PFAS removal has quickly become a burden on local governments and water utilities trying to avoid environmental release.

The treatment of contaminated drinking water has long been the centre of focus for innovation within the field of PFAS removal. Often methods that are developed for PFAS extraction in drinking water are uneconomic and ineffective when applied to wastewater.

In response, we have developed an advanced low-energy PFAS extraction and volume reduction system to treat highly contaminated wastewater – the LEAP™ System. The forward-thinking technology is a multi-staged treatment system centred around harnessing air, gravity and solar inputs to deliver a unique and proven PFAS extraction outcome. The system has been engineered to efficiently and cost effectively extract regulated PFAS contaminants from wastewater using minimal energy and no chemicals, consumables or excessive waste transport costs.

Your Next Steps

WCG recommends a step-by-step approach to addressing this issue for each client:

STEP 1: Analyse your wastewater to determine PFAS contamination levels, volume to treat over time, site characteristics and targeted treatment outcomes.

STEP 2: Contact us to organise a quote for the implementation and operation of a full-scale treatment system.