Leachate and Industrial Wastewater

Blaxland Landfill Leachate Treatment

Sydney Olympic Park Authority (NSW) | Design and Construct

Design and Construction of a low energy ecological engineered leachate treatment solution for the Blaxland legacy landfill site. The system treats leachate to a suitable quality for discharged to the Parramatta river.

Rendering Facility – Wastewater Ammonia Reduction Options Study

Private client | Consulting

Preparation of a wastewater treatment options report to assess various low energy solutions for providing final treatment of production wastewater containing ammonia concentrations of 500-800mg/L. The objective of the treatment was to reduce the overall nitrogen loading onto the area designated for irrigation disposal.

Industrial Development Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Strategy

Private client (QLD) | Consulting

Preparation of a decentralised wastewater treatment and disposal strategy for a proposed industrial development in SE QLD. The strategy took into account of the various staging of the project; from initial start-up with very low flows, to full scale operation with flexibility to take account of uncertain future sizing.

Materials Handling Facility Site Management Options Study

Private quarry client Victoria | Consulting

A stormwater management strategy was prepared for a materials handling facility in Melbourne, supplied by the company’s sand mining and quarrying operations