Ecological Services

Shailer Park Stormwater Wetland

Logan City Council | Design & Construct

A stormwater wetland was designed and constructed to improve water quality of runoff from the Centenary Creek catchment. The project involved integrating strong multi-purpose functionality into the design, and included features such as a boardwalk over the wetland, and an open grassed park area.

Slacks Creek Riparian Restoration

Logan City Council | Design & Deliver

The Water and Carbon Group integrated approximately 25ha of riparian revegetation as part of a Federal Government grant. The solution was designed to improve productivity and stormwater quality to the Logan River.

Upper Brisbane River- Revegetation Plan

SEQ Water/Alluvium | Consulting

The Water and Carbon Group prepared a riparian revegetation plan, with revegetation data overlaid onto a range of catchment improvement designs, such as re-profiling. The overall project design work forms part of a delivery package for SEQ Water to put to tender.

Slaters Creek Stormwater Wetland

Lismore City Council | Design & Construct

A 2,000m2 high density stormwater wetland, designed to improve water quality in the Slaters Creek catchment (downstream of the Lismore show grounds), was created. The design incorporated local riparian and in-stream ecological enhancements, allowing for treatment of a permanent base flow, while managing peak flows during storms.

Sunshine Coast Ecological Infrastructure Plan

Sunshine Coast Regional Council | Consulting

The Water and Carbon Group prepared a strategic paper to be used to accelerate and maximise investment in ecological infrastructure. The paper helped achieve natural resource management objectives in the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

Two Million Trees

Brisbane City Council | Design & Delivery

This $14m contract involved managing and implementing the largest peri-urban reforestation project in Australia. Our role involved taking responsibility for concurrently managing 54 discrete project sites, ensuring that planting design and implementation met QLD regional Ecosystem objectives.

Greening the West

City West Water (Vic) | Consulting

A collaborative initiative facilitated by City West Water, ‘Greening the West’ is an important large scale urban greening venture. The project is designed to contribute to positive health outcomes, a cooler climate and a clean environment for Melbourne’s west. This will be done by increasing trees and vegetation throughout the Western suburbs. WCG’s role was to review the evidence base for the role of urban greening in addressing these issues, then identify relevant barriers and opportunities.

Logan City Council Vegetation Offsets

Logan City Council | Design & Deliver

In this project, we provided revegetation and restoration of approximately 12 ha. The land spanned five sites located in the wider Logan River catchment. Council work was specifically undertaken in order to sell on to developers as vegetation offsets.