WCG_Shailer Park

Shailer Pioneer Park Wetland

The Water and Carbon Group’s Shailer Pioneer Park Wetland is a key component of the Logan City Council’s Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project. The wetland provides improved stormwater treatment, habitat values and flood mitigation while also enhancing the recreational opportunities in the park. The wetland demonstrates the multiple benefits which can be achieved through ecologically […]

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Sundrop Farms_2016

Sundrop Farms – July 2016

Sundrop Farms The Water and Carbon Group (WCG) has recently commissioned our low energy, eco-friendly, wastewater treatment system for Sundrop Farms, a tomato growing greenhouse facility at Port Augusta. WCG was contracted to design & construct the system to treat the following wastewater streams: Sanitary sewage from the 200 no. (approx.) workers (toilets, basins, showers, […]

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WCG_Wacol_STRB_Pilot Project

Sludge Treatment Reed Bed Pilot (STRB) Pilot Project – June 2016

Sludge Treatment Reed Bed Pilot (STRB) Pilot Project – Wacol Sewage Treatment Plant Let the works commence for June 2016. Established at Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) Sewage Treatment Plant, Wacol, QLD, Australia, this STRB pilot project is part of The Water and Carbon Group’s optimisation and dimensioning process for our sludge treatment reed bed service. In […]

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