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How Maleny Is Leading the Way in Times of Drought for Regional Towns

Approximately 80% of the water used in Australian households becomes wastewater, as highlighted by Roberta Ryan writing for ‘The Conversation’1. In most cases, once wastewater is treated it is often disposed of with no planned reuse in mind. The need to recycle our wastewater has never been greater. Diminishing water supplies in the wake of […]

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Landscape view of the Maleny Wetland and Disposal Forest

Maleny STP | Infographic

    The Water and Carbon Group was awarded the contract to design the effluent disposal forest and tertiary treatment wetland for the $17m upgrade to the Maleny Sewage Treatment Plant. The specialist design provided a sustainable treatment and disposal pathway, while creating an opportunity to restore natural biodiversity and create an ecological asset for […]

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Image of the Constructed Wetland at the Narrogin Wastewater Treatment Plant

Narrogin WWTP | Infographic

    The Water and Carbon Group was awarded the design and construct contract to upgrade the Narrogin WWTP. The plant was upgraded through combining a high-density constructed wetland with a plastic media trickling filter. The solution utilises gravity and passive processes to reduce nitrogen concentration by 83% without increasing energy demand. The Narrogin Wastewater […]

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Aerial view of the Environmental Arboretum bordering with the Griffith University Logan Campus

Griffith University Environmental Arboretum | Infographic

    The Griffith University Arboretum and Riparian Restoration was uniquely designed by the Water and Carbon Group to restore riparian vegetation along the Logan River and  transform 9.5 ha of unused ex-pastoral land into a visually appealing land-based asset that provides educational, amenity and passive recreational benefits. Aside from being regularly used by the students […]

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Aerial view of the boardwalk and observatory over the Shailer Park Wetland

Shailer Park Wetland | Infographic

    Shailer Park Wetland was designed and built by the Water and Carbon Group in 2014 with a goal of efficiently improving the quality of the storm water entering the Logan River while providing strong value to the community through maximising parkland and creating a forest adjacent to an active recreational space. Community bird […]

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Shailer Park Drone Screenshot 2

SER Australasia Conference

The Water and Carbon Group recently concluded a 5-year project partnering with Logan City Council, Griffith University and the Australian Government to complete 25 hectares of targeted reforestation across 6 sites in Slacks Creek.  The Slacks Creek Restoration Project was greatly successful in creating long-term ecological assets for the Logan community. Following this, our Project […]

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