WCG_Wacol_STRB_Pilot Project

Sludge Treatment Reed Bed Pilot (STRB) Pilot Project – June 2016

Sludge Treatment Reed Bed Pilot (STRB) Pilot Project – Wacol Sewage Treatment Plant

Let the works commence for June 2016.

Established at Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) Sewage Treatment Plant, Wacol, QLD, Australia, this STRB pilot project is part of The Water and Carbon Group’s optimisation and dimensioning process for our sludge treatment reed bed service. In particular, this pilot project will assist in assessing how the technology functions in Australian conditions and provide parameters to discern optimal operating procedures. As of June 2016, the trial has now commenced and the first load of sludge has been applied. We are excited to see the pilot project system in action and to garner trial results for the continued development of this pilot project. We will keep you posted on how things go.

The Water and Carbon Group Team